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    Conway and Banks vs Pacific Rink, Which is Better for Me?

    Conway and Banks vs Pacific Rink, Which is Better for Me?

    Conway+Banks Pacific Rink
    Exterior Shell Polytarpaulin Nylon
    Kids sizes available

    Coach/Youth 25″ x 15″ x 15″

    Junior 30″ x 15″ x 15″

    Junior 30" x 16" x 14"

    Senior sizes available

    Senior S/M 33″ x 17″ x 15″

    Senior L/XL 36″ x 19″ x 16″

    Senior 35" x 18" x 18"
    Goalie sizes available 42" x 22" x 22" 42" x 22" x 22"
    Available Styles Carry & Wheelie Carry
    Customization Get your name/number on the bag N/A
    Organization System Removable velcro dividers x3 2 skate pockets & middle divider
    Built-in Foot Mat Bacterial-resistant exterior mat No
    Ventilation System Dual mesh Exposed Dual mesh covered
    Water bottle holder Yes Yes
    Jersey Pocket Yes Yes
    Strap style Seatbelt style webbing Webbing, Hideaway backpack straps
    Laundry bag Yes Yes
    Warranty 6 months 6 months


     Conway+Banks vs. Pacific Rink - Battle of the Hockey Bags


    So you're ready to ditch your pro-style or decades old bag with that dark interior, straight zipper, and tiny rivets for ventilation? 

    For modern hockey players, a reliable and durable hockey bag is an essential piece of equipment. It's not just about carrying your gear; it's about keeping it organized, protected, and easy to transport. In the world of premium hockey bags, two brands stand out: Conway+Banks and Pacific Rink. Let's dive into a comparison of these two heavyweights in the hockey bag arena.

    Options and Styles:

    Conway+Banks: A range of sizes to accommodate different player needs, from the compact coaches bags to junior bags and senior bags in 2 sizes - so you can be sure to get a bag that's right for you.  The junior and senior bags can be had in carry version or wheelie version (although some color options may not be available), goalie bags come in carry and wheelie options.

    Pacific Rink: Pacific Rink offers a wider range of color options for their bags, but no wheelie bags are available.



    Conway+Banks: Conway+Banks offers the ability to customize your bag with your name and or number on it. For teams of 15 or more, they also provide logo service.  

    Pacific Rink: Pacific Rink offers customization options for teams only.


    Design and Construction:

    Conway+Banks: Known for their sleek and minimalist designs, Conway+Banks hockey bags are crafted with high-quality materials like 820D tarpaulin and premium YKK zippers. They offer a fantastic organization through the use of internal removable dividers that can be easily attached using included velcro strips. The attention to detail is evident in features like reinforced stitching, padded straps, ventilation panels, and water bottle holder. The built-in bacterial-resistant foot mat comes in clutch in wet locker rooms.

    Pacific Rink: Pacific Rink bags are designed with the practical needs of hockey players in mind. Their bags feature a rugged construction with water-resistant materials, heavy-duty zippers, and reinforced handles. What sets Pacific Rink apart is their innovative "rink-friendly" design, with features like built-in skate pockets, a fold-out mat for changing, and a mesh drying rack for wet gear. For those who like to carry their bag as a backpack, hide-away straps are provided.


    Organization and Storage:

    Conway+Banks: The interior of Conway+Banks bags is intelligently designed to maximize storage space and organization. Multiple compartments and pockets make it easy to keep gear sorted and easily accessible. Their bags also feature dedicated pockets for items like water bottles, keys, and smartphones, adding to their convenience.

    Pacific Rink: Pacific Rink bags have separate skate pockets and plenty of compartments and accessories.  A center divider helps you separate your gear easily.


    Durability and Longevity:

    Conway+Banks: Conway+Banks bags are built to last, with durable materials and reinforced seams that can withstand the rigors of regular use. The quality craftsmanship ensures that these bags hold up well over time, even with heavy loads and frequent travel. Durability tested by over 10,000 athletes.

    Pacific Rink: Pacific Rink prides itself on the durability of its bags, using tough materials that can endure rough handling and harsh weather conditions. Whether you're tossing your bag into the trunk of a car or onto the floor of a crowded locker room, a Pacific Rink bag can take the abuse and still come out looking and performing like new.


    Price and Value:

    Conway+Banks: While Conway+Banks bags are certainly an investment over the pro-style bags we've gotten used to, many players find that the combination of quality, design, and durability justifies the price tag. These bags offer excellent value for money considering their longevity and functionality.

    Pacific Rink: Pacific Rink bags are competitively priced for the features and quality they offer, at about 15% more than the Conway+Banks bags. While they may be slightly more expensive than some budget options on the market, the added durability and convenience make them a worthwhile investment for serious hockey players.


    So Which Is Better For Me?

    In the showdown between Conway+Banks and Pacific Rink hockey bags, both brands offer top-tier quality, thoughtful design, and durability that will withstand the demands of hockey players at every level. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific needs. Both bags are fantastic and the choice is really yours. If you prioritize great organization, ventilation, and attention to detail, Conway+Banks has you covered. But if you're looking for colors to match your team, or ease of carry via backpack straps, Pacific Rink emerges as the clear winner. Whichever brand you choose, investing in a premium bag will beat the hell out of the pro style bags.

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