Why Did We Make This Bag?

I often get asked why we started this company.  With so many great hockey companies out there, it's easy to understand why people are curious.  

Having gone through 6 hockey bags in 10 short years, I just about had it.  After trying carry and wheel bags from several of the big brands without finding one that would last, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I spoke to dozens of players and coaches to get their feedback on what they would want in a bag.  They shared some great ideas, many of which were included in the the bag you see here today.  The foot mat came about after observing many players who roll up their dirty rug into the bag (gross), while the cooler bag that hooks onto the wheeled bag's handle was inspired by a business traveler I saw walking about with his briefcase hooked onto his luggage.

When it came to durability, common fail points for most players were the zipper, wheels, handle, base of the wheeled bag, and compartments that had holes in it after a few months. I addressed these issues by sourcing the best materials I could find.

The resulting bag is what you see here today.  I am proud of this bag, it's something that I believe will stand the test of time, and that's why our warranty the longest in the industry.

Thanks for reading. I am always looking for inspiration and feedback about the product.  Hope to hear from you!


Founder, Conway + Banks