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    Our Story - Conway + Banks Hockey Co.

    Our Story

    Having gone through 6 hockey bags from the big brands in 10 short years, I just about had it with low quality bags that costed too much.  While most of these companies made great sticks, they really didn't focus too much on bags at all. I felt this was a great opportunity to contribute to the game I love, and took a stab and designing my very own bag.

    I spoke to dozens of players and coaches to get their feedback on what they would want in a bag.  They shared some great ideas, many of which were included in the the bag you see here today.  The foot mat came about after observing many players who struggle with the wet locker room floor, and rolled up their dirty rug into the bag.  The interior organizers were inspired by my friend's camera bag.  Launch models included a cooler bag that hooks onto the wheeled bag's handle, inspired by a business traveler I saw walking about with his briefcase hooked onto his luggage.

    When it came to durability, common complaints were failed zippers and tears, I addressed these issues by sourcing the best materials I could find, and ensuring stitching is top notch.  The resulting bag is what you see here today. 

    I am thankful for this great game of hockey, and for all of you, who has afforded me the opportunity to leave my desk job and and turn a small hobby into something that can support my small family!  I am proud of this bag, and I am proud to have contributed to the game in a small way, and will continue to do so!

    Thanks for reading. 

    Percy Poon

    Founder, Conway + Banks


    • Why is there no color options for the bags?

    • Ordered first bag for my son. Was btw this and Pacific Coast bag. Your price point was better and the reviews made me comfortable that I woud not lack performance or style/sleakness (which is what PC has been know for). Hoping for the best- good luck!

      mike wotanowski
    • Hi Percy. Recently bought two bags for my two oldest sons (14yrs and 12yrs) out of three. We are all in when it comes to hockey and needed a bag to carry all equipment when we are of to camps. It’s will be a christmas gift this year so do not tell anyone, I really appreciated the hockeycard which were added to the bags. Especially when it were swedish players, perhaps a small thing and has nothing to do with the bags and their quality. I has only to do with the entire package, well played! Can not wait to see the expressions on their face. (In a few years my youngest kid will get his own bag, that’s for sure.)

      Rikard Karlsson

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