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    Canadian Rockies

    This unique collection features talented photographers Kristopher Andres and Natalie Gillis.  They have captured the essence of what it's like to skate in the surreal Canadian Rockies.  This collection is printed on eco-friendly yet super soft hoodies, made of 85% organic cotton, and 15% recycled polyester.

    25% of proceeds are donated to Hockey Canada Foundation to help get kids into hockey programs.


    Kristopher Andres

    Adventure is Kris's north star. 

    Whether he's experiencing the aurora in Greenland, icebergs in Antarctica, or alpine lakes in his home mountains of the Canadian Rockies, Kris is always in search of the untold adventure. His camera is how he endeavours to bring these adventures to you. His photos ignites our passion to seek the horizon and embrace the untamed outdoors.

    Kristopher's photographic journey started as a solitary one, but as time went on, he met other photographers who enjoy adventure as much as he did. Now his favourite times are spent discovering the wild wonders with his companions.

    Kris is a dedicated yogi, a loyal friend, and a photographer. This is his work.

    Natalie Gillis

    Natalie began working as a professional wilderness guide in 2009; she enjoys the freedom and challenges of leading self-supported sea kayaking, whitewater canoeing, hiking, sailing and floe edge expeditions in the Canadian High Arctic, East Greenland and the Antarctic Peninsula.  Outside of her work, she has pursued her own wilderness travel experiences, including kayaking the majority of Canada’s west coast and hiking across Central America from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea; over the past decade Natalie has logged over 1000 days in the field across 6 continents.

    Natalie’s academic background is in the field of Environmental Governance and Political Science, with her research focused on political ecology in the Eastern Arctic.  Specifically, she is interested in how language shapes the understanding and management of wilderness landscapes in the Canadian North.  She has also studied poetry at the Humber School for Writers and is pursuing a Masters in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Gloucestershire.

    When not out exploring, Natalie can be found at home in Calgary, Alberta at the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. She is also a commercially licensed fixed-wing pilot and enjoys wildlife and landscape photography.

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