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    The Keys to Learning a New Sport as an Adult, with Ali Stead @never2late2learn.hky

    Ali Stead @never2late2learn.hky shares her journey of learning to play hockey as a 24 year old, and what she's done to improve her game over the last 3 years as an adult.  Ali also shares some great insight on what you can do to get a jump start when learning the sport of hockey. 

    If you're new to hockey, or any new sport for that matter, you've been through the pain of learning all the basics from scratch. Even more difficult is teaching your body to move in ways it's never done before, while swallowing your ego as the 7 year old next to you executes the same drill with ease.  Whether you're looking to start playing a sport as an adult, or have had this experience in the past, you'll enjoy this wholesome interview.


    This podcast was hosted by Kyla Lane and Paige Martin, and is brought to you by Her Soul Shot.  First aired on January 7, 2021 and can be found at


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